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Interior Design Solutions

The design begins with getting to know our clients, their business, and the vision for their future.  The use of color, texture, and light begins to bring the image to life. Our ultimate solutions, as we collaborate with our clients, are the blending of materials and space to create engaging environments supporting inspiration and creativity. 


Returning To The Workplace

Successful design balances the functional needs of the occupants, the ability to inspire and elevate spirits with the overall health, safety, and welfare of individuals. This balance has become even more critical as our clients begin exploring how their spaces will evolve after the COVID-19 crisis has subsided. Returning to the workplace will be challenging, and we are committed to the overall health, welfare, and security of our clients. 

CHK Architects are experts in Architecture, Interior Design, and Workplace Strategy. We are adept at redesigning workspaces based upon changes in how work is done - the changes that will need to be made based on COVID-19 are no different. We are working with experts in real estate, facilities management, furniture, and finish companies to understand how design can adapt to keep occupants safe when returning to work.   


Interior Architectural 

  • Programming + Visioning

  • Budget Development

  • Test Fit Studies

  • Space Planning

  • Blocking and Stacking Analysis

  • Innovative Workplace Environments

  • Sustainable and Healthy Building Design

  • Workplace Standards Development

  • Furniture Order Verification

  • Furniture/Electrical/AV Integration

  • Finishes Selection and Specification

  • Construction Documentation + Specifications

  • Furniture Bid Management