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Office Building Clients

Pratt & Whitney, World Headquarters/Engineering Building – East Hartford, Connecticut

440,000 Sq. Ft. Five-Story Office Building  


The Hartford Life Insurance, Windsor Campus - Windsor, Connecticut

457,000 Sq. Ft. Four-Story Office Building on a 77 Acre Site.


Day Kimball Healthcare - Plainfield Connecticut

Two Story Medical Building, 27,500 Sq.Ft.


Chubb Specialty Insurance - Simsbury, Connecticut

138,000 Sq.Ft. Four-Story Office Building Addition

100 Northfield Drive - Windsor, Connecticut

125,000 Sq.Ft. Four-Story Office Building




180 Glastonbury Boulevard - Glastonbury, Connecticut

113,000 Sq.Ft. Four-Story Office Building


Farmington Office Building - Farmington, Connecticut

125,000 Sq.Ft. Three-Story Office Building


MetPath Northeast Region Headquarters - Wallingford, Connecticut

65,000 Sq.Ft. of Office Building Renovations and Additions


Winding River Office Park - Farmington, Connecticut

66,000 Sq.Ft. Three-Story Office Building


Meadowview Building - Simsbury, Connecticut

42,000 Sq.Ft. Three-Story Office Building




BVH Engineers, Inc. - Bloomfield, Connecticut

28,000 Sq.Ft. Two-Story Office Building and Interiors


ABB Nuclear Fuels Division - Windsor, Connecticut

120,000 Sq.Ft. of Office Building Addition, Renovations for Offices and Manufacturing


100 Avon Centre - Avon, Connecticut

2 x 60,000 Sq.Ft. Three-Story Office Buildings


Ridgeview Building - Simsbury, Connecticut

60,000 Sq.Ft. Three-Story Office Building


Phoenix Insurance Company - Enfield, Connecticut

325,000 Sq.Ft. Three-Story Office Building




Dade Behring, Inc., Newtown - Connecticut

104,000 Sq.Ft. One-Story Office and Manufacturing Renovation


Capitol Center, Hartford - Connecticut

87,000 Sq.Ft. Six-Story Office Building


SNET Distribution Center - Meriden, Connecticut

120,000 Sq.Ft. Three-Story Office Building


Glastonbury Science Park - Glastonbury, Connecticut

28,000 Sq.Ft. Two-Story Office Building and 14,000 Sq.Ft. One-Story Office Building


Science Park - New Haven, Connecticut

60,000 Sq.Ft. Three-Story Office Building

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