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Retail & Industrial Clients

Retail Clients

Best Buy, Hoffman Auto Park - West Simsbury, Connecticut

33,000 Sq.Ft. new building


Hoffman Auto Park -  Simsbury, Connecticut

New Buildings for Honda, Toyota, Nissan Dealerships


Hoffman Lexus - East Hartford, Connecticut

Building additions and renovations 38,910 Sq.Ft.


Hoffman Audi - New London, Connecticut

22,000 Sq.Ft. new dealership building


Hoffman Audi - East Hartford, Connecticut

Showroom additions and renovations 33,829 Sq.Ft.




Papa’s Dodge Jeep - New Britain, Connecticut

72,000 Sq.Ft. renovation to an existing dealership building


Marcotte Ford Dealership - Holyoke, Massachusetts

New 4,500 SF showroom, 4,000 Sq.t.F office addition, 5,500 Sq.Ft. renovation to the dealership building & the parts distribution building


Bishop’s Corner West - West Hartford, Connecticut

Exterior and interior renovations to existing mixed-use 198,000 Sq.Ft. retail and office building

Farmington Savings Bank - West Hartford, Connecticut

Renovation of 4,950 Sq.Ft. retail space for flagship branch


Munson’s, Hoffman Auto Park - West Simsbury, Connecticut

New building




Little River Plaza - Westfield, Massachusetts

Renovation to retail center façade


Waterbury Plaza - Waterbury, Connecticut

Soffit and fascia replacement/new façade study


Cosi Restaurant - Avon, Connecticut

Addition to existing retail building


Hollywood Tan

Renovation of 2,530 Sq.Ft. retail slot in existing building


K-B Toys, Little River Plaza - Westfield, Massachusetts

5,200 Sq.Ft. renovation and addition




Fancy Nail Salon - Avon, Connecticut

New interior renovation

Herbs Sports Shop - West Hartford, Connecticut

Relocation of retail space

Schlotsky’s Deli - Manchester, Connecticut

5,000 Sq.Ft. Retail Franchise Deli/Restaurant for Buckland Hills Mall


Aetna Coffee Kiosk - Hartford, Connecticut

Interior renovation of 1,000 Sq.Ft. retail foodservice space

Industrial Clients

Triumph Actuation Systems – Windsor, Connecticut

Consolidation of three separate CT manufacturing & office facilities into new tenant space - 95,000 Sq.Ft.


Dade Behring Chemistry Systems - Brookfield, Connecticut

100,000 Sq.Ft. Office, R&D, Manufacturing and Distribution Facility


ABB Nuclear Fuels Division - Windsor, Connecticut

65,000 Sq.Ft. of Office Building Addition and Renovations for Offices and Manufacturing


ABB Nuclear Services Division - Windsor, Connecticut

Interior and Exterior Brownfield Renovations to 45,000 Sq.Ft. Office, Storage and R&D Facility


Mott Corporation – Farmington, Connecticut

31,000 Sq.Ft. Addition to an 85,000 Sq.Ft. R&D, Manufacturing and Distribution Facility




Hobson Motzer – Durham, Connecticut

25,400 Sq.Ft. Addition to an existing 60,000 Sq.Ft. Manufacturing Facility


Pratt & Whitney Hangar Building Renovations – East Hartford, Connecticut

30,000 Sq.Ft. Demolition and Reconstruction of a Storage, Distribution & Maintenance Facility


Northeast Utilities / CL&P Meters Lab – New Britain, Connecticut

20,000 Sq.Ft. Renovation of Testing/Service Facility


UTAS FCM Building Addition Renovations – Windsor Locks, Connecticut

7,000 Sq.Ft. of Additions and Renovations for Manufacturing


UTAS S-80 Assembly & Test Building Phase I Concept Design – Windsor Locks, Connecticut

New 8,000 Sq.Ft. Manufacturing and Test Facility




UTAS Vehicle Maintenance Garage – Windsor Locks, Connecticut

New 4,800 Sq.Ft. vehicle maintenance garage


Fed Ex Ground Distribution Center – South Windsor, Connecticut

290,000 Sq.Ft. Distribution Center


Pratt & Whitney Quality Assurance Standards Lab – East Hartford, Connecticut

3,050 Sq.Ft. Clean Room for the Storage, Repair and Calibration of Instruments


Pratt & Whitney Plastics Lab Renovation – East Hartford, Connecticut

Renovation to a 2,230 Sq.Ft. Plastics Manufacturing and R&D Space


Pratt & Whitney Mezzanine Code Study and Improvements – East Hartford, Connecticut

Code Analysis and Miscellaneous Improvements to Elevated Manufacturing Office Facilities




B&B Tool Company – Bristol, Connecticut

10,000 Sq.Ft. Manufacturing Facility


UCONN – Manufacturing Building - Mansfield, Connecticut

16,000 Sq.Ft. Research / Development / Classroom Building


Aetna Pharmacy – Pompano Beach, Florida

115,000 Sq.Ft. Mail Order Pharmacy and Call Center


Coating Sciences - Windsor, Connecticut

28,000 Sq.Ft. Addition to 75,000 Sq.Ft. Manufacturing Facility


Beekley Corporation - Bristol, Connecticut

30,000 Sq.Ft. New Office, R&D, Manufacturing and Distribution Facility


Aetna Pharmacy – Kansas City, Missouri

32,245 Sq.Ft. Full Service Mail Order Pharmacy

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