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Hartford, Connecticut

Other Projects

Corporate Branding 

Upon arrival, the illuminated reception desk draws the visitor into the space. From there, bold use of logo colors throughout the space strengthens wayfinding and CapSpecialty’s brand.  


CHK reimagined the existing space by introducing warm grays and bright colors that work in harmony with CapSpecialty’s strong brand, yet elevate the tone of the space.


Activity-based clusters of work areas are designed throughout.


Small private huddle rooms provide concentration and a space for impromptu, one-on-one meetings.   


Group meetings

Open collaborative areas provide employees with a variety of options to work both in groups and individually, meeting a team’s changing needs throughout the day.  

capspecialty-conference-room from-hallwa

Team Cafe 

An open work café was designed to meet the varying needs of employees for productivity and collaboration throughout the day. By introducing a variety of work surfaces, shared tables, casual seating and areas to stand, informal interactions come about that encourage creativity and collaboration. The clustered areas in this open space are further defined by strong lighting patterns around their perimeters. Located adjacent to the lobby and board room, the casual open work café also supports “all hands” town hall meetings.  


Outstanding Views

Full advantage was taken of every opportunity for natural lighting. Open offices were located on the perimeter to allow an abundance of natural light to stream into the space and to take advantage of outstanding views of the city. The natural light filters into private offices constructed with floor to ceiling windows for maximum natural light penetration.  

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