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Shimmering metallic Aetna Consolidated IT Lab interior welcome desk

Aetna Consolidated IT Laboratories 

Hartford, Connecticut

Aetna Consolidated IT Lab interior aisle

Shimmering Metallic 

Upon entering the reception area at the Consolidated Laboratories, visitors are surrounded by Aetna’s state-of-the-art information services technology.  Beyond the custom-designed reception desk and shimmering metallic curtain are nearly 200 software testing stations. Two interactive A/V conference rooms occupy a glazed island in the middle of the open office area. The decorative ceiling “wave” leads the eye to the farthest reaches of the space.  

The biggest design challenge was to transform an unattractive below-grade space into a showcase for Aetna’s high-tech computer laboratories.  A secondary challenge was to maintain accessibility to above-ceiling building systems and equipment.  Because the newly renovated cafeteria is directly above this laboratory, service technicians require easy access to the many pieces of equipment suspended from the slab above. 


The design solution defined a palette of foreground and background colors, patterns, and textures.  We then deployed the palette in fresh ways that suggest divisions of space within the open office. The popularity of the space with the IT staff proves its success.  

Aetna Consolidated IT Lab tables
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